20 Years of Evanescence ‘Bring Me To Life’ Collaboration Cover

On this day 20 years ago, Evanescence released their debut album ‘Fallen’. I was asked to celebrate this birthday with a collaboration cover for Youtube. Check it out here!

I remember the release of this album in 2003, I was a child who was always interested in music, but wasn’t interested in a lot of what was on mainstream radio and TV. I was drawn towards more drama and darkness, and the likes of bands like Evanescence instantly clicked with me and I was at the beginning of a journey into heavy metal. I’m pretty sure between Amy Lee and Tarja Turunen I got the inspiration to start dying my hair black, as the first two women in rock/metal I really admired.

I hope you enjoy the cover! Please spread the word and check out all these great musicians!

Angel Wolf-Black – Vocals: https://bit.ly/1jtRXdc

Raf Pener – Vocals: https://bit.ly/3tp9ZCg

Stel Andre – Guitars: | https://bit.ly/3CFzCTk

Oha Cade – Keyboards: https://www.valcata.com/

Becky Baldwin – Bass: https://beckybaldwinbass.com

Panos Geo – Drums: https://www.panosgeo.com


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